The Stream, The New Spirituality and You

We are all evolving as part of an evolving universe. But through hard work and conscious cooperation, we can accelerate that evolution for the highest good of all. The New Spirituality provides the mental and spiritual foundation for Accelerated Evolution, and we invite you to embrace it. The Stream provides tools and support for The New Spirituality, and we invite you to join us. – Stream Founder, Beth Green

Meet Beth Green at www.bethgreen.org or at InsideOut, her internet radio program.

Beth Green Radio Show, InsideOut Are you dedicated to:

  • Greater wellbeing on the levels of body, mind and spirit?
  • Oneness consciousness, which emphasizes connection, rather than separation?
  • Deeper communion with the Divine?

Do you embrace a spirituality that:

  • Encourages and supports psychological, spiritual and physical healing?
  • Teaches us how to live in Oneness in a practical way?
  • Supports our unity with an evolutionary God or Higher Intelligence with which we are integrally connected?

If so, you may be hearing the call to a New Spirituality, one that is truly holistic and supports

  • Love of self
  • Love of others
  • Love of the Infinite

And you may be hearing the call to come to The Stream Center for The New Spirituality!

For over 30 years, Stream Founder Beth Green, an internationally-known intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher, has heard the call to support the emergence of The New Spirituality. In 1983, she was guided to found The Stream, a nonprofit organization and spiritual community that offers teachings, tools, practices and programs that embody The New Spirituality and its three main components:

  • Deep personal and collective healing
  • A practical guide to Oneness consciousness
  • Support to achieve true integration with an evolving God.

Why Do We Need The New Spirituality?

  • Because we, humanity, tend to be fragmented, self-destructive, hurtful to one another and in pain.
  • Because many of our spiritual traditions embody aspects but not all three of the components necessary for us to reach our potential as individuals and as a collective.

The New Spirituality could revolutionize all that by transforming the way we relate to ourselves, one another and the Divine. The New Spirituality emphasizes healing and supports true wellbeing for us as individuals and as a collective. When we are more well and whole, we are then more able to live a life based on Oneness consciousness, where we change our relationship to one another from competition and self-protection to caring, inclusion and mutual support. We are then more able to extend our Oneness consciousness to include the Divine, so that we are no longer caught in the duality between “God” and humanity; rather we are able to embrace ourselves as integral parts of the Divine in the process of evolution, changing and moving together toward an unknown destination.

The Stream Center for The New Spirituality

  1. Prepares Us for Spiritual Transformation through Mind-Body-Spirit Healing
  2. Awakens Us to Our Oneness and Teaches Us How to Live in Oneness Consciousness Every Day
  3. Unites Us with the Divine in the Process of Evolution

Join us as a participant and benefit from our many programs, services and free supports available live and via the internet. Or join us as a Practitioner in The New Spirituality, receiving top-notch training in its many components, including spiritual teachings, as well as intuitive and healing skills, which will enable you minister to the needs of our world. Explore this website, and learn more about what we do. Hear our Founder, read her books, or watch her videos. And check out our current offerings to see if there’s a fit for you!