The mission of The Stream is to help unleash the power of The Source on Earth: to support our oneness with all of life through accountability and mutual support. If you identify with this mission, you are one of us. To find out more about what that means, you can watch the three-part video series on the free downloads page of this website (scroll down to the “talks” section).

As children, each of us had a vision of a better world, but at some point we gave up on our vision; we felt overwhelmed by the obstacles. We have re-convened as adults to support ourselves and each other to reconnect to our dreams and bring them into reality with the support of higher consciousness and divine guidance.

Following are the steps we take to reach beyond our narrow limitations, to reach for the sky and accomplish our mission.

The 12 Steps for Unleashing the Power of The Source on Earth
  1. Acknowledge that as children, we all had a vision of a better world, a vision that most of us abandoned as unrealistic, unreachable, unachievable.
  2. Realize that we have felt overwhelmed and discouraged by the sheer breadth of human dysfunction and its consequences, and that the resultant discouragement, in conjunction with our fear of negative consequences, has caused most of us to give up on our dreams.
  3. Reconnect to the vision and regain hope, recognizing that there are not a million problems; there is only one: the current state of human consciousness.
  4. Recognize that our consciousness can change.
  5. Admit to ourselves that we don’t know how to solve our social and personal problems through our minds alone, but we can connect to the higher consciousness capable of helping us all.
  6. Commit to changing ourselves so that, individually and collectively, we can learn how to tap into that divine intelligence.
  7. Acknowledge that we know how to open ourselves to divine intelligence and that The Source is always revealing new and more effective ways to transform human consciousness.
  8. Trust our ability to connect to higher consciousness, and dedicate ourselves to living with reality in co-creation with The Source in every aspect of our lives.
  9. Practice the platforms embodied in Living with Reality, the book, even when we don’t want to, and embrace the tools we already have, such as the books, programs, tools, techniques, and practices of The Stream.
  10. Commit to utilizing the support systems we have already developed, and co-create more when and where needed.
  11. Courageously offer these steps to others, so that we may support the collective to be available to higher wisdom and mutual support.
  12. Unleash the power of The Source on this earth, so that, together, we can co-create the world we want.

Is this task too big? Is it too hard to take on the whole of human consciousness? No. Our problem is not that we dreamed too big and failed. We didn’t dream big enough. Instead of taking on the whole endeavor of shifting human consciousness, we shrank back from the challenge, either focusing on our personal lives or small bits of the whole. Facing a global economic crisis has forced us to see what has been true all along, that we have been living a collective hallucination, and that we have all suffered on a deep emotional and spiritual plane. We know we need to live with reality in a higher state of consciousness. Let’s do it, and let’s teach it. Let’s not shrink now.

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